This section provides resources and information which may be useful for School SENCOs, Teachers, Exams Officers and Parents

Follow each link provided to access the appropriate information.
In brackets you will find recommendations for who might find the resources useful.

This link provides information regarding what access arrangements are, who is eligible and how to apply for them. There are a number of forms and questionnaire resources also available on this page. Suitable for SENCOs, 

This link provides information regarding who might be eligible for additional support or access arrangements/examination concessions in public examinations.


Brief overview of the key terminology used within the field of special educational needs.

Handouts and questionnaires for SENCOs and Exam Officers: 
Provides information for Schools and Colleges relating to access arrangements and other aspects of managing SEN provision. 

Pearl has developed simple checklists for you to download and enable you to identify a specific learning difficulty including:
  • dyslexia/reading and spelling difficulties
  • dyspraxia/DCD (movement and co-ordination difficulties)
  • dyscalculia/mathematical difficulties
  • disorders of attention and concentration
  • Specific Language Impairment
  • Pre-school observation checklist for movement and co-ordination difficulties

Provides the details and links to the main organisations in the field of Special Educational Needs and Disability. 
Access to useful information and videos regarding SEN/D published on the web.(SENCOs)