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Workshop 2.3

Mathematics and memory
Mathematical development often causes difficulties for children with working memory and short-term memory difficulties. Strategies for developing memory can help improve mathematical skills. This module explores the neurophysiological elements of memory and how a short-term memory difficulty can impact significantly upon the learning potential of the child. We also explore some effective demonstrable strategies for improving working memory and learning to impact upon mathematical skills and development.
  • An introduction to working memory and short-term memory
  • multisensory integration and learning
  • practical activities to improve working memory skills
Key Message:
Mathematical calculations not only rely upon a deep understanding of mathematical skills and concepts but on an efficient use of working memory. Enhancing working memory can improve the ability to calculate mentally.
Suitable for:
KS1/ KS2/KS3/KS4 Teachers, Teachers of pupils with SEN, SENCOs, TA's, HLTAs, Numeracy Co-ordinators, EYPS, parents