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As an expert in SEND policy, Pearl is able to provide training based upon first-hand experience and years of training teachers and other professionals. Whilst being a specialist in specific learning difficulties, including dyslexia and dyspraxia (DCD), she is also a specialist in mathematical learning difficulties (dyscalculia) and can provide valuable training and advice regarding differentiation and overcoming barriers within mathematics. Training is completely bespoke according to the requirements discussed in advance of the   training. 

Examples of Training:
  • Putting Policy into Practice: aimed at SENCOs, this training develops a greater understanding regarding the implementation of the Revised SEND Code of practice whilst ensuring compliance across your setting,
  • Compliance with JCQ Regulations: JCQ Regulations change year-on-year and Pearl is able to provide training for your teaching staff, Exams Office staff and SENCOs in how to ensure your applications are compliant, including training in obtaining information from teaching staff and completion of Form 8s,
  • Differentiation: aimed at teachers this training provides practical advice relating to specific difficulties and what can be done in the classroom to remove the barriers to learning,
  • Preparing for Inspection: with Ofsted/ISI Inspections becoming more rigorous, this training provides practical advice  for SENCOs and other senior staff, regarding how to ensure your setting is able to comply with current regulations, 
  • Mathematical Learning Difficulties: Pearl is an expert and author in mathematical difficulties and can provide training for SENCOs, maths teachers/leaders and TAs/LSAs in barriers to mathematical learning and cognition,
  • Specific Learning Difficulties: Pearl has many years' experience of training teachers and SENCOs in a wide range of specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, including speech, language and communication difficulties. Pearl is able to offer bespoke training in any aspect of specific learning difficulties.
  • Numicon: Pearl is a trained Numicon trainer and can train staff in the effective use of Numicon across the setting
  • Practical Intervention: Aimed at providing intervention programmes for remediating specific skills. Particularly useful for SENCOs and LSAs setting up intervention groups, such as: movement and coordination intervention, mathematical intervention groups, reading intervention or spelling intervention
Who is the training suitable for?
Pearl's training is practical and accessible for a range of teaching and non-teaching staff. She is able to provide whole-school INSET training or small-group workshops, for a maximum of 20 members.

Pearl's training is suitable for:
  • SENCOs
  • SEN Governors
  • Senior Leaders
  • Maths teachers/leads
  • LSAs/TAs
  • Teachers across the whole school
  • Specialist settings
  • Other professionals
Audit and Consultancy:
Pearl has extensive experience of leading and developing SEN provision and has audited SEN Provision across a range of settings. Audit provides an invaluable independent review of your provision for moderating standards in Teaching, Learning and Assessment, in addition to prioritising whole-school development. A full audit of SEN/D provision can take between 2 and 4 days in order to provide a detailed analysis of the strengths and recommendations for areas to develop, which can form part of your Development Plan. The audit measures compliance with the rigorous standards outlined in the Ofsted Inspection Framework, the SEN/D Code of Practice (2015), the Equality Act (2010) and, where relevant, JCQ Regulations.

The audit involves:
  • interviews with key personnel, such as the SENCO, Senior Leadership Team, SEN governor, pupils and other staff.
  • reviews of all relevant policies, your website, monitoring and tracking and impact data.
  • lesson observations to observe differentiation of teaching and learning,
  • observations of intervention groups
  • Where relevant, a review of JCQ exam access arrangements files (including Form 8s) for compliancy with JCQ Regulations

Where ongoing support is required, for instance where a new SENCO is in post, Pearl is able to provide independent mentoring and ongoing advice and help relating to any aspect of your SEN/D provision.  Her advice might include areas such as: how to track and monitor pupil progress, provision mapping,information sharing across the school, use of the Pupil Premium, writing your SEN policies and training for TAs or other staff in supporting pupils and intervention groups, in addition to JCQ compliance.

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