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Terms and Conditions

Pearls-training reserves the right to amend details, prices and withdraw services without prior notice.
Training - Assessment - Consultancy

It is the policy of Pearls-training to endeavour to determine a mutually agreeable date for services to be delivered, and to ensure this date is adhered to. It is recognised, however, that complications sometimes arise, where an agreed date needs to be re-scheduled, postponed or cancelled by either party.

Pearls-training always aims to deliver the service as agreed; however, Pearls-training reserves a right to cancel services of assessment, training or tuition at short notice. In the unfortunate event that services are cancelled, Pearls-training will contact the Client at the earliest possible opportunity to offer the opportunity for the service to be re-scheduled at a mutually convenient time and date.

Pearls-training accepts that the Client may also require to alter or cancel services. In the event of alteration or cancellation, Pearls-training requests that the Client does so at the earliest possible opportunity, with at least 5 working days' notice, if possible.
Pearls-training reserves the right to make a 75% charge for Training services cancelled within 48 hours, in addition to any expenses incurred (such as specific resources, prior booked travelling expenses and/or overnight costs). Where a cancellation is made before the 48 hour period, Pearls-training reserves a right to charge for any incurred expenses to the Client (such as specific resources, overnight costs and/or prior booked travelling expenses).
Pearls-training reserves a right to charge for any prior-booked incurred costs , such as overnight accommodation and/or prior booked travelling expenses, where cancellation of an Assessment is made by the Client.
Pearls-training requests that the Client notifies Pearls-training immediately upon receiving the invoice, in the event of there being any query regarding the invoice, quoting the invoice number.
Pearls-training requests that the invoice is paid within 28 days of the date of the invoice. As Pearls-training is not able to offer extended credit, Pearls-training reserves a right to apply an interest rate of 1% per week outside the 28-day period, until receipt of payment is made.
Payment is to be made by cheque or BACS.