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Mission Statement

Training - Assessment ~ Consultancy
Pearl's Goal:
Pearl's goal is to enhance outcomes for children and young people who are experiencing difficulties which act as barriers to their learning and impede children and young people from developing their potential to the full. She aims to do this by offering high-quality training and development for teaching and non-teaching staff, which is cost-effective, relevant and based upon current research. In addition, Pearl aims to offer holistic, detailed and accurate assessments of children and young people, offering judgements and advice based upon her extensive experience within the field.
Key Principles: 

Pearl believes that:
  • every individual is unique in terms of characteristics, interests, abilities, motivation and learning,
  • every individual, from every walk of life, should have equal opportunities and equal access to appropriate provision and support,
  • education systems should respond appropriately to every individual's diversity of needs; increasing participation and inclusion through quality and equity, 
  • every individual has a right to live a rewarding and fulfilling life irrespective of their level of disability and learning needs,
  • every individual should be given the opportunity of reaching their full potential.
Pearl's Promise to you:
Pearl's assessments will respect the privacy of each individual and Pearl shall only seek the information necessary to make an informed assessment of the individual's strengths and weaknesses. Pearl will always seek parental consent before sharing any information with schools or other professionals. She will always act in the best interest of the child and family, providing assessment and advice based upon the needs identified through rigorous assessment. Pearl will inform parents of their rights and shall keep them fully informed throughout the assessment process. She will offer impartial advice based upon the needs of the individual within the current legislative framework. Pearl will not offer information or advice relating to areas within which she is not trained.
Pearl will uphold the Code of Good Practice as outlined by The British Psychological Society. 
Pearl aims is to deliver innovative and experiential training of the highest quality which is engaging and based upon current research and thinking. She aims to stimulate discussion around learning and provide a forum for teachers to begin to evaluate and reflect upon their practice. She will uphold confidentility of the Customer at all times, and not disclose any information to a third party. She shall draw upon prior knowledge and experience alongside current research when developing training packages. She will endeavour to make the training as tailor-made to the setting as possible based upon the information she is provided with.

Audit and Advice:
Pearl will respond to the individual needs of each setting, providing a detailed and holistic audit of SEN provision through: interviews with the SENCo, senior team and pupils, observations of teaching and learning, reviewing the website and all related policies. Her subsequent report will provide a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the setting and advice for areas to improve, based upon the SEN Code of Practice, Inspection Framework and the Equality Act (2010). She will endeavour to provide timely support which responds to the individual needs of the setting.